SHUT IT DOWN: The NBA Has Brought Shame To America For The Last Time

It’s over. It is so over.

Where were you when American basketball died? I was sitting in front of my television in The Villages in sunny Florida screaming about a lack of fundamentals as I witnessed Germany, a country that’s never been better than America at anything save, perhaps, for genocide, eliminate the United States from the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

That’s right. Team USA fell in Friday’s semi-final matchup in the Philippines by a score of 113-111. Don’t let the score deceive you — it wasn’t even that close. The Americans trailed by as many as 12 points in the fourth quarter, and Dennis Schroeder hit a dagger with 40 seconds remaining to give Germany a six-point lead.

Oh, where to begin. This wasn’t even the first loss the Americans suffered in this tournament. In the preliminary rounds, they lost to Lithuania, a country with a population of less than three million people captained by Jonas Valanciunas, who’s averaged 13 points per game over his NBA career.

Pundits said it was fine. Lithuania is good, actually! This is a wake-up call! The rest of the world is catching up, and this isn’t even an A-Team of Americans anyway! (RELATED: Serbia’s Borisa Simanic Loses Kidney After Suffering Injury During FIBA World Cup)

Does it have to be? Three-quarters of the NBA is still American-born players. If the NBA was really the best league in the world, that would be more than enough to have a pool of championship-caliber athletes to draw from.

The Team USA roster featured a who’s-who of young rising stars: Indiana’s Tyrese Haliburton, Brooklyn’s Mikal Bridges, New Orleans’ Brandon Ingram, Orlando’s Paolo Banchero, New York’s Jalen Brunson and Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards.

Even with those stars though, they couldn’t overcome Germany’s whopping four NBA players and a coach from Finland.

The fish rots from the head. Notorious anti-American fraud Steve Kerr, who only has any championship rings because of the greatness of Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry, is the head coach for this failure of a team. The NBA is the land of the woke, and their wokest coach led Team USA to the threshold of hell.

The NBA used to be the best league in the world. It was defined by hard work, grit, fundamentals, sneaky athleticism, and passion. Now, it’s just an amalgamation of whiny babies complaining that they have to play too much and don’t get paid enough.

The league cannot be salvaged. The project is lost. It’s over. To save USA Basketball, the NBA must fold immediately, Adam Silver must be court martialed, and a new league must be built from the ashes to Make Team USA Great Again.