High School Football Coach Arrested After Allegedly Punching Player In Stomach: REPORT

An Atlanta high school football coach has reportedly been arrested after video shows him punching a player in the stomach during a game Saturday.

The incident took place in the first quarter of a game between Douglas County and Mays High School when a coach from the latter was seen on camera yelling at a player on his own team before allegedly hitting him.

The coach was taken off the sidelines and arrested by an Atlanta Public Schools police officer, according to Atlanta News First.

A spokesperson also told the outlet that the individual is labeled as a “lay coach,” meaning they’re a coach who doesn’t teach at the school nor do they hold a certificate in teaching.

Lay coaches are required to undergo a Georgia High School Association (GHSA) training program.

“A lay coach for Mays High School, who is not a classroom instructor, is in police custody after an incident that occurred on the sideline during the school’s game this afternoon against Douglas County High School,” said spokesman Seth Coleman. “The lay coach will be charged with simple battery and face administrative charges from the district.”


Taking place at Eddie S. Henderson Stadium at Midtown High School in Atlanta, the game was broadcasted on PeachtreeTV, which captured the punch on camera.

The coach was seen shouting at the player, who was wearing No. 24, and then punching him as the student-athlete bent over in pain while the coach continued to scream at him. (RELATED: Several Brawls Break Out At High School Football Game Leading To Multiple Arrests, Police Say: REPORT)

“The safety and well-being of all APS students remains a high priority for the district and all APS employees are held to the highest standard of conduct and professionalism,” added the statement.