Pat McAfee’s Interview With Nick Saban Shows Why He’s Such A Legendary, Successful Coach

The University of Alabama’s football coach Nick Saban shared some words of wisdom during an interview with Pat McAfee on Thursday.

Mr. Saban discussed his team’s recent loss, and McAfee asked the coach about how he lifts the spirit of the Crimson Tide during times like this.

“First of all, you never want to waste a failing. Adversity can break some people. Adversity can make some people great. It just depends how you deal with it. I think we don’t want our players to waste a failing.” Saban said.

Although Saban explained how the team ought to learn lessons from their failing, since this is how they improve and get better, he also mentioned the importance of moving on.

“We always have kind of a 24 hour rule around here. If we win, 24 hours, we got to start all over and focus on the next opponent. If we lose, we learn from the mistakes that we made. We focus on the next opponent and try to get better. That’s kind of how we try to manage it. It is a privilege to play here. It is a privilege to be a coach here, and I think there is an expectation that goes with all that, but I think we have to embrace that challenge, and everybody should embrace it and be committed to doing the things they need to do to improve and get better.”

The coach was referencing Saturday’s 34-24 loss to the Texas Longhorns.

In a similar Saban spirit, the Twitter account of the Crimson Tide expressed its focus on the next game Saturday against the University of South Florida Bulls.

Mr. Saban has been the head coach of the University of Alabama’s football team since 2007 and has impressive accomplishments under his belt, including winning seven national championships.

Out of all universities, the Crimson Tide had the most players make it to the National Football League for the seventh straight season in 2023, according to USA Today.