Star Wide Receiver Says Refs Threatened To Throw Flag If He Did ‘One More’ Pelvic Thrust

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown revealed on his podcast that a referee warned him not to thrust his hips again after his touchdown celebration Thursday.

St. Brown, who scored the first points of the 2023 NFL season against the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday, celebrated his touchdown with a hip thrusting touchdown dance. 

“I hit it, boom, no flag,” the star receiver said on his podcast.

But four pumps were apparently all the no-fun-league could handle, as St. Brown was warned not to do it again. 

Receivers coach Antwaan Randle El, no stranger to the endzone himself, had to tell St. Brown he was on thin ice. “My receiver coach is like ‘hey Saint, one more pump and they said they were gonna throw the flag,’” he explained. (RELATED: One Player Is Getting Absolutely Roasted After NFL’s Opening Game Ends In An Upset)

“Apparently the ref told our head coach that if he does one more pump they would’ve thrown the flag and then he told our receiver coach and then he told me,” he explained to his brother, Bears’ wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown.

That’s crazy they’re actually counting pumps like the Key & Peele skit,” Equanimeous said, referring to an eerily similar sketch comedy clip where football players get penalized for excessive hip thrusts. 

The NFL continues to embarrass itself, policing innocent fun instead of letting fans enjoy the excitement. St. Brown probably waited all offseason to break out his new celebration, which he insisted wasn’t sexual at all. “If you look at my hands I’m not really pumping. It was more hands,” he said. 

Now thanks to the league’s stinginess, St. Brown is crowdsourcing a new celebration. “You guys tell me, what should my next celebration be? Drop it in the comments. I need to know, and it better not be weak because I’m not doing nothing weak. It has to go viral every time,” St. Brown concluded.